A Big Round Bread

17 Gram Yeast
335 Gram Milk
530 Gram wheat Flour
1½ tsp Fine Salt
35 Gram Oil, spiced

Warm the milk. When lukewarm, pour a little into the kneading trough with the yeast. Add a pinch of sugar for boosting the yeast. Then add the rest of the milk and stir it into the mixture. Now add about ⅔ of the flour with the salt and the oil.
Put in the rest of the flour little by little until you can knead it by hand. Then knead it well and add very small amounts of flour till the dough is pefect, you know the feeling. Now let the dough rest for an hour under wrap film, or a tea towel, or some kind of lid. When an hour has passed, you knead the dough again, shortly, and let it rest again for an hour in a round basket. Now, turn on your oven and set the temperature at 220°C.
When the oven is warm and the dough is ready, turn the basket upside down to let the bread fall onto the baking stone, or onto a pizza spade - and transfer the bread to the baking stone that way. Give it about 20 minutes in the lowest part of the oven, keep an eye on it, as it should stay in the oven for 30 minutes best but may finish before.
Knock on the bread to hear if it is ready, the sound should be hollow when knocking on the bottom.
I think you will like this bread, it is simple, but the oil gives it a nice flavor.

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