The project, being this e-book, was finished, in the first edition of; March 28, 2017.
I then decided that I wanted to put it out as HTML file instead. I hope that this have been a positive experience for you. Please spread the word.
Tools used in the creation of this e-book were;
GNU/Linux Mint (mate)
Libre Office Writer
Thanks goes to Wikipedia, where the text and images, in the section about spices comes from.

And thank you, the reader, for taking your time, reading this book.

I work on several new projects. And I hope to be able to bring to you a new book, about even more things you can do in your creative kitchen.

Also, there are other former ebooks, now as HTML, to be found on the


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Welcome to the newst incarnation of You can now find some texts here. About Web developing in a OSS environment, a new document. My old ebook about photography, while we wait for the second edition.. The old text; "The Creative Kitchen". The PHP snippet collection. Find some valuable tips here.... and ofcource you still find the photo album here also.