50 Gram Yeast
2½ Deciliter water
500 Gram wheat Flour
1 Deciliter oil
2 Teaspoon salt

Pour the water in the kneading trough. Crumble the yeast in and dissolve it, using a wooden spoon. Add the oil and the salt. Little by little add in the wheat flour, and work it using the wooden spoon. When almost enough, start using your hand. Keep adding flour little by little till you have a nice ball of dough. You know the feeling. Now put it to rest, covered and leave it for an hour.
Now cut it in two. Roll out one of them and start cutting it into strips, and roll those into sticks. Put them on a baking tray with baking paper. When it is full, let them rest for 10 minutes. Then you put them in the oven in the lower part, and let them bake for 13-18 minutes, at 220°C.
Keep an eye on them, if they are too thin they may be finished too early.
Meanwhile, when the first is baking, you can prepare the next load. When you take them out, let them rest on a grill to cool off. Wait until they are fully cooled before you can put them in jars, or bags, or another container.

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