Genuine juices, compared to those from the shops, made of concentrate, are from a whole different world. They are fresh and boosting with natural vitamins, without any added preservatives or sugar. You are totally aware about what is in your drink, and your own personal flavor is a mixture that you can improve and work on.
When things are in season, they tend to be cheaper, and of better quality, as they have not been picked immature , and would maybe have been sprayed with chemicals, to prolong the lifetime of the fruit. Many fruits and berries can be used for making juices. The easy way of making your own juice is to use a juice machine, which is made for the same purpose. Shop around for a machine that suits your need.
Remember also that you can use some, or many vegetables, for example, are carrots both very sweet and actually quite juicy.
Here we have included a couple of recipes that you can use for making your own juice.
Freshly made juice contains much more vitamins and minerals.
Buy your vegetables and fruits when in season, from local farmers, then they are full of goodness. But avoid things that are overrriped. Always buy organic when you can.
The flesh of the fruits and vegetables can be used in other ways, for cakes, where carrot is a sure hit.
Also try using it in meatballs, and vegan dishes.
Orange, ginger drink:

2 Oranges
2 cm ginger
Peel and juice of ½ lemon

Grate the peel of the lemon with a fine grater and cut in half. Press the juice of half the lemon with a citrus press. Set aside.
With a paring knife, remove the peel from the ginger and put into a juice machine along with the oranges.
Mix the juice from the machine with the juice from the lemon.
Apple, carrot drink:

4 Red apples
4 Carrots
Possibly a few leaves of mint

Wash both apples and carrots. Remove the core from the apples. Come both in the juice machine and run the juice out. You may want to add a few leaves of mint.
Banana, kiwi drink:

3 Bananas
3 Kiwis
½ Teaspoon, vanilla sugar

Peel both bananas and kiwi. Put banana, kiwi and the vanilla in the juice machine.

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