Homemade spiced oil:
Always use a good quality oil to make your own spiced oil. The oil you make yourself can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to fry, or use it as I describe it here, in the following paragraph about baking oil - for a good bread. For salad dressings, or brushing a bruchetta.
To make your own spiced oil, just select a good oil, either a good olive oil if you like that taste, or one without too much or too strong a flavour like a sunflower seed oil. Put your chosen spices in a bottle you like and fill it up as much as you like, with the oil that is heated to a temperature of 80°C.
Now leave it to cool, before you use it. Use a dark colored bottle, like green or brown, as it will make it last longer - or, don’t keep it in a light room. Put it in a cupboard.
Buying oil in 5 liter containers will save you some money, and you can then fill a nice bottle that you can use to pour from, and when you serve.

Making strong oil for use, maybe on a salad; wash the chilies, then cut them lengthwise and put them in a bottle. Pour over some 80°C heated sunflower oil. Leave it and use it with care, after it has soaked for a while. I will say a month.

This is a really nice spiced oil. It is simply some cloves of garlic cut in slices lengthwise, then put in a bottle, and the bottle is filled up with 80°C heated sunflower oil. Leave it to rest and use it in dressing, or perhaps with a salad, or bread.

Baking oil;

Baking a bread, (the same recipe found under baking in this ebook,) I had to use some oil. My wife suggested that I should use the oil left over from some olives, preserved in a plastic tray. That oil was spiced with red pepper, garlic, chili, bay leaves, basil, rosemary, and the olives, two kinds. That was a really good idea, it tasted great. So now, after using that, I have started making my own spiced oil for that specific bread simply by adding the above mentioned spices (use your own measurements) to a bottle, and pouring over some sunflower oil, heated to 80°C, and then left, till when I have a use for it.

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