This recipe gives about 16 lovely cupcakes. The recipe given here can be changed as you like. You can make the basic into one with f.x. cranberries, lemon, nuts or vanilla, or however you'll like it.
The one here is with cocao, chokolade, and walnuts.

225 gr. Wheat flour
225 gr. Butter
225 gr. Sugar
4 Eggs
2 ½ tsp Raising agent
4 Tblsp Cocoa
75 gr. Chocolate
75 gr. Chopped Walnuts

Start by melting the butter in a casserole at the lowest heat level.
Turn on the oven at 175°C. Let the butter cool off a little.
Sieve the flour with the raising agent into a bowl. Add the sugar. (You can f.x. exchange the 100gr. of the sugar with brown sugar. Now add the cocoa, nuts and chocolate.
Then add the butter and eggs, and stir well, maybe use an electric hand-held mixer.

I use a muffin form of metal, with room for 12 cakes. Into that I put a paper form in each. Besides that I use 4-6 silicone forms, placed next to the muffin form on the baking tray/baking dish.
Take two tablespoons and scoop some dough into each form. Remember that they will raise, so don’t put too much in the forms.
Put them in the oven, in the middle and bake them for about 20-25 minutes. Don't let them bake too long as they will get dry.
Best enjoyed with a cup of Assam tea.

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