In this e-book, we will look at things you can make in your kitchen at home.
Things that for many people seems too difficult or too much trouble.
Believe me, they are not.
The things we get around here, are all things that you may buy in your supermarket, but if you make them yourself, you will save some money and even get a better quality. And they are simple things, like making your own yogurt, sprouts, granola and ice cream. They are at the same time funny to make, and you can get your children away from the TV and out to the kitchen. Sprouting is funny for the children, these little vitamin bombs that grow visibly for each day, it will keep them interested every day to see how they have developed. Everybody loves ice cream, and we get around that subject in this book also. You can further more read about how to make yogurt, this you can use for making ice cream, or you can try our recipes for granola, a great breakfast cereal, very suitable for the yogurt. You can also dive into making your own smoothies, here you can use yogurt also. If you like juices, like most people do, then we have a chapter about that also. Learn about the preservation of the seasons’ food, this is a great thing to do yourself. And we have even made a short chapter about pizza, everyone’s favorite.
In this e-book, I have added a section about baking, and the equipment used to bake, and for general use in the kitchen.
Other topics are about spices, and oil.
This book is not a collection of recipes. We will get around several subjects regarding your kitchen. And you do find a few recipes, they are mostly for you to have something you can try, when you start discovering the new exciting things that you can make in your kitchen at home. The creative kitchen beyond ordinary.

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