A Bread


Sprouts are very, very healthy. These small greens are full of minerals and vitamins.
It is easy to make your own sprouts. Basically, all that is needed is some seeds and water. When sprouting remember that you have to keep things as clean as possible. It may sound deterrents, but it is really simple, just be sure to rinse the sprouts in plenty water twice or three times daily. It doesn't take much time, just remember to do it, and it will be okay. My experience is that ½ deciliter is plenty to fill up that tray with matured sprouts, at least with mung beans. You can use that as a guideline. Half a deciliter mung bean makes a good sized portion. When I start up a new portion, I always take the amount I need and put them in a jar with a lid. I fill it with water (remember the seeds or beans will soak the water and get bigger, up to 5-6 times for some subjects), and then shake the glass. I then put the jar aside till the next day, and then I transfer the beans to a tray from the sprouting kit that I use. Then I just leave it, and twice or three times a day I rinse the sprouts to keep them wet and clean.
You can use lots of different kinds of seeds and beans. My favorite is the Mung bean. Also soya beans are very popular, so are chickpeas, lentils are nice too. There are several methods that you can use to make your own sprouts.
You can use a simple jar from, for example jam or marmalade, to sprout. Also, you can buy or make a bag of fabric. Or you can use one of the more professional kits. Here there are some made of plastic, and some of ceramics. I use the brand Bergs Bio Salad, where the kit comes with two trays and a bottom and a top. In my local health shop I can buy extra trays. To mention a few others there is GEO Terracotta, that is a sprouting kit made of ceramics.
BioSnacky is another kit, made of plastic.
Sprouts are really delicious. Use them in your salads and to top your bread. Or you can eat them as a snack. Now below here follows three recipes that I really love. The sprout burger, spring rolls and a noodle wok. You can try out beans and seeds that you already have in your pantry, but there are so many others you can use. You can find more information online.
Noodles with sprouts and tofu.
125 gr. Eggnoodles
100 gr. Tofu
4 Cloves of garlic
Spring onions
Sprouts of beans, soy or mung
4 tblsp Soysauce
1 tblsp Sugar

Boil the noodles according to the description on the package.
Wash and cut the spring onions into pieces of 2 cm. Chop the garlic. Cut the tofu into dices, 2cm. Rinse the sprouts.
When the noodles are finished, rinse them immediately in cold water. Put them aside and let them drip.
In a wok, heat up some cooking oil, add the tofu and garlic, leave it in the wok for a minute or two. Now add the sprouts and spring onions to the wok.
Drizzle some sugar in the dish and add the soy. Mix all the ingredients.
The dish is now ready to serve. A twist to this recipe could be that you make the sauce of water, fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce, in equal amounts, 1-2 tablespoons each.
12 Sheets of dough.
1 Good onion
3 Cloves of garlic
½ Cabbage finely sliced
2 Carrots
20-25 gr. Ginger
400 gr. Minced beef
Sprouts of soy or mung, or green lentils
Salt, pepper
Whipped egg with flour, or flour and water, as 'glue' to seal the dough

Clean and cut the vegetables. Chop onions and garlic. Cut the cabbage finely. Chop the ginger finely.
Toast the onion and beef. Add cabbage, carrots and ginger. Mix everything and let it simmer with a cover at low heat for five minutes. Add the sprouts. Season to your taste with salt and pepper. Remove from the heat and let it cool some.

Start rolling the spring rolls. Put some of the filling on the sheet of dough and roll it up tight. Brush with some of the egg to make the sheet stick. Deep fry and serve right away.

Burger buns
Crisp salad
Pickled cucumbers
Sliced roast beef
Onion in rings.
Dressing, Thousand islands or similar.

Prepare everything. Slice the buns in two and toast them as you like. Arrange the ingredients and the burger is finished. Simple and tasty.