A Bread


Homemade pizza.
I prefer them homemade over the ones from the pizzerias, as they all tend to taste the same in my opinion. The one I make mostly is the famous Margherita, and if I have it, then with added gorgonzola. Else with pepperoni as my third choice. The way I bake them is significant. I use a baking stone, made of lava. And I put my oven at top temperature, as much as the dial can be turned. I have measured that temperature, and my oven goes to 270°C. At that temperature the pizzas take 4-5 minutes max to be baked. I can surely recommend that. But be aware, and don't buy the ordinary baking stone. It is made from something looking like concrete to me. I have had two of those, and they both cracked and broke at that high temperature. My opinion is that they are of bad quality because a baking stone ought to be able to handle, at least the temperatures that a domestic oven can get at. So be aware to buy lava, or break your stone. Or if you want to use it, recognize that you cannot use it for more than at 230°C, where the true meaning of having a baking stone is not fulfilled anyway. Lava is made by nature, at a temperature around 3000°C. Sadly, they are more expensive.
Be careful no to over-heat your oven you might "fry" it. With my lava baking stone, the pizzas take just 4-5 minutes. And they always pass the "pizza test". The pizza test is where you balance the pizza, with three or four fingers underneath, in the center, and the pizza will not bend but stay stiff. It is crunchy and really good.
Here is the dough I make at the moment.

This recipe makes 4 pizzas.

500 grams Italian Pizza flour
300 grams Water, lukewarm
30 grams Fresh Yeast

Crumble the yeast into a kneading trough, and add the water and a pinch of sugar. Stir to dissolve it. Put in more and more flour to the dough and stir it well. Use a wooden spoon as long as you can. When it gets to be less sticky start using your hand and knead the dough well, adding more flour until the dough is ready. You know the feeling.
Brush some oil inside the kneading trough, let it be covered with plastic wrap or a lid of a kind, and let the dough rest at room temperature for an hour. When the time has gone, cut the ball of dough into four. Sprinkle lots of flour and roll each dough ball out flat. Then put it on a flour- dusted pizza spade and start building your pizza. Slide it into the oven when the oven is hot and the pizza is ready.
Talking pizza topping, less is better.