A Bread


Homemade pasta.
Because it is funny.
I am using a pasta maker of an Italian brand. It is possible to get a variety of additional tools for this machine. I am fully covered by the ones I have, those that came with the machine. The most diverse is maybe the simplest. The one that comes with all machines. The lasagne roller. This is because you can cut the flattened dough into all kinds of shapes with a simple knife. Like small squares for your soup. And you can make ravioli.
To make a dough, all you need is durum flour, eggs and salt.
Everywhere you read, and watch videos, they instruct you to make the dough by arranging at the pile of flour on your table and put the eggs in a hollowing. Forget it. Too much trouble. No reason to make a mess.
A kneading trough for baking is easier, both in making the pasta, and surely in cleaning.

For the dough use 1 whole egg pr. 100 grams of wheat flour type 00. You can add a little olive oil if you want, and a pinch of salt. Put the dough together, using a wooden spoon, and start kneading the dough using your hands, when the dough is ready for that. Knead the pasta for 10-15 minutes, adding a little flour as needed. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes in the dish, covered.

Divide the dough into portions for use on the machine, and start by rolling one ball of dough into the lasagne rollers set for the thickest space. Fold the dough and run it through again. Repeat this 6-8 times, sprinkle lightly with flour if needed. Then turn the knob on the machine, to reduce the space between the rollers, and run the dough through the rollers again. Do this again until you have the thickness of the pasta as you want it. (Not necessarily the thinnest).

If the sheet of dough is too long, then cut it in half.

Now let the dough rest for 10 minutes. It is then ready to be cut to the chosen type of pasta.

It is important that you let the dough rest before cutting it, so that it is not too soft.
Attach your desired cutter to the pasta machine. Sprinkle a little flour if needed. Now, if you want to cut the dough, using the cutting part, then let the pasta through the machine and carefully put it to dry, using a rack.

Repeat this till you have all your pasta.

*) You can use ordinary wheat flour, or even whole grain if you wish. Always sift the flour to get rid of lumps, and unwanted particles.